Our Mission

When we started AquaSouth Seafood Company in 1985, we based our company on three principles.

  1. Sell only United States produced goods.
  2. Ensure our products are absolutely the best and highest quality products available (chemical free, U.S. produced, and fitting our strict taste profile.)
  3. Market and sell our products in a manner that will reward the grocer for joining our program, provide the most value to the end consumer, and sell enough volume to sustain to the farmer who produces the best product in that particular industry.

We believe the only way to do business is by providing value to the producer, grocer, and consumer.

Using this system, we are able to offer products that are truly best in class, at a price that the consumer can try and taste the difference themselves. This system has also been shown to drastically increase sales in participating meat departments; since our 4lb. box of premium catfish fillets produces big rings at checkout and loyal repeat buyers.

We derived these core principles after analyzing the current food industry system, and realizing how the American farmers are being manipulated by typical wholesale buyers when competing in “big box store” environments. In the current retail system, very few U.S. produced food products are marketed and sold in a manner that allows the American farmer to stay afloat. Often times U.S. farmers are competing with foreign products, some with mislabeled “country of origin” information, in the retail arena. In this system, U.S. farmers are forced to sell their products head to head against foreign products that are not required to meet health regulations set by the United States.

Our goal is to change this by streamlining the process that gets the farmer’s products from his/her farm to your table. Also, allowing you as the consumer, to trace that product to the exact same U.S. producer that grew or harvested that product. This protects you, the customer, from foreign products falsely labeled as U.S. products and allows you to make the connection to that boat or farm. This system ensures that you are purchasing a product grown or harvested in the U.S.; and since all of our products must meet our “Abercrombie Premium Standard” qualifications, you will know that you have provided the best United States has to offer to your family. When you purchase our products, you are truly helping take America back!