AquaSouth Family Members Appear in Brad Paisley's Music Video, River Bank

Have you heard Brad Paisley's latest hit, River Bank? Coincidentally, Brad Paisley requests catfish when he visits AquaSouth's hometown of Louisville, AL. If you watch the video, look for Cass Abercrombie (guy with long hair taking a "tequila" shot"), Hannah King (blonde pictured several times throughout the video), and Averi Abercrombie (blonde on the boat in the background). The three AquaSouth employees were delivering AquaSouth Catfish to the scene of the video when they were asked if they wanted to be in the video. Of course, they didn't decline the invitation so they can now be seen occasionally on CMT and GAC. The filming processes was long but fun. Our favorite quote of the day was when the director asked Hannah if she was a primary model.... She replied "No sir, I'm just the catfish delivery girl!" 


Hannah King and Brad Paisley during the video. Hannah is floating on a float behind Brad... yes, Brad had his guitar in the water.

Averi Abercrombie and Hannah King pose for a picture as they wait for filming to begin.

Averi Abercrombie with the famous skiing squirrel, "Twiggy". This little guy can be seen in action in Brad's video and on several hit movies like Anchorman and Dodgeball. 

Spring 2014 Food Entrepreneur Conference 

Don Abercrombie, owner of AquaSouth in Clayton, Alabama, talks with Gary Lemme, director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, at the recent Food Entrepreneur Conference in Prattville. Abercrombie provided catfish and shrimp samples and explained his company's philosophy of selling only high-quality products from the U.S; traceable to the U.S. harvest area. 

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