Blackened Catfish Fillets

Are you looking to prepare a fast healthy gourmet meal that is from the U.S. in less than five minutes? Well this is the product for you! Our premium microwavable blackened catfish fillets go from frozen to fully cooked in less than five minutes, and since all our products are from the U.S. you can be confident that you are providing the best catfish available to your family. With only your microwavable you will be able to fully prepare a five star restaurant quality meal since our Lafayette, LA inspired seasonings are already enrobed. This same dish has been a staple of our 250 seat restaurant in Clayton, AL, and now it is available to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. And with only 95 calories, it is fast, fit, and from the U.S.


AquaSouth™ Fillets 4 Lb. box 

Perfectly sized and flavor tested farm-raised catfish fillets, matched with southern catfish lovers, is a game-changer for the grocery stores throughout the South. The AQUASOUTH 4 lb. box of fillets increases store traffic and brings customers from over 50 miles to purchase this product. Our award winning catfish combined with the Abercrombie marketing program is the benchmark for the U.S. farm-raised catfish industry. Scientific flavor tests reveal that our family can detect off flavor at below published levels. We identify the perfect flavor, keep them separated during processing and make them available in grocery stores throughout the south within two weeks of the fish swimming.  The result, 300 to 600 boxes of catfish sold in select grocery stores each month, can be accomplished in your store. The increased demand filters back to the farmer, making the industry more sustainable.  As with all of our products, our catfish are 100% U.S.A., Best-in Class, and retail ready.