Blister Roasted Peanuts

Our Abercrombie Blister Roasted Peanut is bursting with a crunchy, fresh roasted flavor. The roasting process perfects these best-in-class peanuts; the customers who try them return for more. This product is another Abercrombie Exclusive value-added product.


U.S. # 1 Jumbo Runner Peanuts

Abercrombie U.S. # 1 Jumbo Runner Peanuts represent the biggest and best tasting peanuts on the market.  A precision fertilization and moisture program give this peanut its superb taste and optimal size.  The 2 lb. bag of raw redskin peanuts has become a year round staple for grocery stores carrying our products.  Our marketing program connects the farmer to the consumer by making the best-in-class product affordable.

Raw shelled