Abercrombie Fish Camp

The Place to Eat, Hunt & Relax!

Come, eat, and stay in one of our sixteen 450 square foot cabins. There are also nine RV hookups for those who like to travel.

The Restaurant

Our 250 seat restaurant specializes in in the best locally grown meats available including farm-raised catfish, steaks, and gulf wild caught shrimp. Our restaurant has the perfect mix of high scale and family like atmosphere. Our full service oyster bar is perfect for kicking back and relaxing, our great room is peaceful, and our banquet room is right for any occasion. 


What do our customers have to say when asked, "What is your favorite thing on the menu?" 

  • It's been a while since I've been there so unsure if you still serve it but I loved the deep fried dill pickle. 
    Ribeye hands down!!! Very tender and cooked to perfection. With the dipping sauce. Oh and cheese sticks are awesome as well
    The cheese sticks!! Can't find them like that anywhere else around. The only other place I have had them was at a BBQ place in North Carolina.
     Love the fried pickles for an appetizer and fried catfish with a side of cheese grits and slaw. Delicious!!
    Steak are the best
  • My dad loves your catfish!
    Ribeye is the best I've had anywhere! Husband agrees! Cooked to perfection, anyway you like it...just right and delicious!
    Hamburger Steak!
    Everything is phenomenal
    The Ribeye with a sweet potato and side salad!! Get fried pickles as an app and you will be good to go!! If you want seafood get the catfish blackened with cheese grits very fine, I have ate there once or twice
    Steak, but I bring my own rendered balsamic for steak sauce
  • The catfish! But it looks like I'm trying the ribeye next time!! ,')
    Catfish because they are fresh and the best cooked around!
  • The cheeseburger. Its huge & the best you will find. After that I would vote ribeye. Its my second favorite. 
  • Catfish is the bomb
    FRIED Dill Pickles and Catfish fried Crisp
     Fried pickles, stuffed shrimp & a hunters hooch! Perfect combo 
    When I walk in Don throws on a pork tenderlon!
    The steak is wonderful and the special sauce one side is even better!
    catfish, hamburger steak, fried pickles!
    Blackened catfish and pork loin....perfect every time!
  •  I love the Ribeye, it's always cooked perfect! Oh, and the fried shrimp too!!!
    the worst thing ive ever eaten there was simply delicious but im partial to catfish
    Grilled catfish and potato chips for sure
     Fried catfish, ribeye and the cheeseburger in paradise..
     Ribeye, raw oysters, the Gator, catfish.
    The burger and House made chips. Best burger in Southeast Alabama
     These people also have a 99.9 health score! Yay
     I like the small ribeye, grilled catfish,and the Veal tenderloin.
    Catfish and Shrimp are great, and please keep serving baked Sweet Potatoes! Love em'!
    Catfish for me!
    Rib eye, baked potato and salad